We have entered into an exclusive partnership with tour organisers Celticos Ltd, providers of heritage tours of North Wales. This is an exciting opportunity for you to engage Segontium Searchers to research your family, following which Celticos Ltd. will arrange a bespoke tour to visit the specific sites connected to your ancestors: family homes, schools, churches & graveyards where marriages, baptisms & funerals took place, and places of work, all of which will enable you to appreciate the way of life of your ancestors.

The Research

To begin with, we will carry out the research into your family. This will be charged at our standard fee of 25 per hour. Should you require living relatives traced this will be at the standard fee of 32 per hour.

The Tour

A 1 day tour will cost 600.

The cost will include:

  • Evaluating the results of any research which has been carried out, either by ourselves or other researchers, identifying the locations to be visited as part of the tour, and working out the tour itinerary.

  • One full day visiting the locations in advance to check viability and ease of access, and to secure any necessary permissions from land/home owners.

  • One full day accompanying you on your tour, providing a document supported commentary on the history of your family.


Should further days be required, they will be charged at a daily rate of 175

* Please note that the above prices are in addition to the cost of the tour through Celticos.

** Please allow plenty of time for the research to be carried out before your proposed visit.

Further information about Celticos tours can be obtained here: Celticos Ltd.