“Stepping back in time and discovering six generations of Welsh history!”

I was recently able to fulfill a lifelong dream of learning about my Welsh ancestry, all thanks to the "dynamic duo" of Keith Morris (Segontium Searchers) and Alwyn Griffith (Celticos). These two gents worked together to create a bespoke family history tour for me that was unlike anything I could have imagined. The level of planning, preparation and attention to detail they provided was astonishing -- an experience I will never forget! After all, it's not every day you get to stand at the altar of the church where your great great grandparents were married in 1842, or learn from local historians about the role your great grandfather played in the 1885 strike at the Dinorwic Quarries. These are just a couple of examples of doing a family history tour with the winning combination of Alwyn and Keith. They truly deliver an amazing adventure -- not only did I get to step back in time and learn about my family but (as I kept telling them) I felt more Welsh with every passing moment! C.R. - Florida

Have just come home to see 4 attachments have arrived from you. Excited at the thought of their contents. Will open them one at a time and get back to you hopefully sometime tomorrow. Thank you for your diligence and speed in responding to my queries. Warm regards. H.S. - Israel

THANK YOU!!!!!! H.R. - Canada

I've just been speaking to my mum and she is over the moon (I thought she was gonna cry), they've never been certain whether Mary and Charles ever got married, so that and all the other findings have really plugged a hole. D.G. - Gwynedd

Thank you for doing such a thorough job..... I was thrilled with all the information that you sent to me. Thank you. S.M. - Canberra, Australia

Many thanks for your report on the research you carried out for me on my grandmother's family history. I was overwhelmed on reading the account of the disaster that overtook the village in 1873. The few words that I remember my mother telling me about the flood has now become a vivid and factual account of Nain's early life. G.W. - Gwynedd

Very many thanks for such a thorough and successful search. I am pleased this was a hunch that proved correct. R.B. - Lincolnshire

Many thanks for all the information, it proves the family connection and has given me more information. B.T.T. - Denbighshire

I can see the difference between the professional job that you are doing, and the amateur job that I had done myself. I am very happy with your progress so far! R.W. - Melbourne, Australia

Many thanks for this update, it sounds as if you have had a lot of success, and one of the primary issues has been resolved! R.P. - Cornwall

Wow Keith, this is fantastic…. A lot of great information here. I am in the process of contacting some of the individuals that you identified, I will certainly get back to you ASAP when I get some new information! K.H. - Massachusetts, USA

I have only been able to have a quick read, I am so excited. All I can say is you're amazing. A.C. - Glamorgan